Eliminating Stubborn Fat the Easy Way with Zerona®

Losing weight is one of the best things you can do for your overall health and wellness, but all too often, you’re left struggling with those last few areas that refuse to let go of the fat — such as your abdomen. Thanks to Zerona Z6 laser technology, we have a new way of targeting stubborn fat to achieve your body-contouring goals.

At Humble Cardiology Associates, Dr. Madaiah Revana and our team partner with our patients for great heart health. As part of this mission, we offer specialized weight-loss services to help you get to within your target weight and Zerona Z6 to put the finishing touches on your efforts.

Here’s a look at how we can use Zerona to target stubborn fat quickly and easily.

Behind stubborn fat

If you’re struggling with fat deposits that seem immune to your every effort, it may be helpful to know that you’re up against some very powerful forces.

When it comes to how and where your body stores fat, that decision is out of your control, as biological directives have the final say. For example, women are hard-wired to carry more fat in their abdomens and thighs to protect their reproductive organs. Men, on the other hand, tend to carry excess weight mostly in their abdomens.

Your age also plays a role in how you burn and store fat. As an example, as both men and women age, their reproductive hormone levels can decline, which leaves both genders more prone to weight gain. Not to mention, metabolic rates in both sexes also steadily decline with age.

The bottom line is that if you embark on a weight-loss program, your body dictates where it sheds the pounds, leaving you unable to target specific areas, which is where our Zerona treatments come in.

How Zerona works

Zerona is an FDA-cleared and noninvasive technology in which we deliver low-level laser energy into your fat tissues. This technology is also called “cold laser” treatment because we aren’t delivering enough energy to heat your tissue.

Our goal with Zerona is to disrupt the membranes of your fat cells so that the actual fat from inside the damaged cells leaks out into the interstitial space, where your lymphatic system flushes it out.

In targeting and emulsifying your fat in this way, we aren’t destroying your fat cells, but shrinking them, which helps maintain the integrity of your tissue.

Since the technology is noninvasive, we can target the fat in most of your key areas, including your:

It’s important to note that Zerona should be considered a body-contouring protocol and not a weight-loss treatment. It’s best if you’re within your target weight, at which point Zerona can shape the final product to help you reach your body-shape goals.

The Zerona process

Getting Zerona treatments is incredibly quick and easy — most sessions last about 40 minutes. Since the laser energy is harmless, there’s no downtime afterward, which means you’re free to get on with your day.

Most of our clients benefit from a series of six treatments for best results, and we space these treatments out to allow time for your body to process the fat breakdown products.

As you progress through your treatments, you should realize gradual results, with optimal results in about 6-12 weeks.

If you’d like to learn more about how Zerona can reshape your body, please contact one of our two office in Humble or Houston, Texas.

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