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Can Laser Hair Removal Free Me From Shaving Forever?

Can Laser Hair Removal Free Me From Shaving Forever?

If you added up the hours, energy, and dollars you’ve spent on removing unwanted hair from your body, the results might surprise you. The daily effort to remove hair from your body can be time-consuming and expensive, and you want to find a better way.

At Humble Cardiology Associates, Dr. Madaiah Revana and our team offer innovative laser hair-removal services that can give you smooth, hair-free skin with very little effort on your part.

Here’s a look at what we can accomplish with laser hair removal.

How laser hair removal works

With laser hair removal, we go straight to the source of your unwanted body hair — the follicles. Using light energy, we deliver bursts into the follicles that disrupt and destroy them, preventing them from sustaining hair growth.

Where we can remove hair

At our practice, we use a system called Candela®, which can deliver up to 80% permanent hair reduction after three treatments. 

With this system, we can target the following areas:

The Candela system is safe enough to use almost anywhere on your body, but we do avoid using the light energy around your eyes.

Timeline for laser hair removal

The reason we need to perform a series of laser hair-removal treatments is that your hair is typically in one of four stages:

  1. Antagen — actively growing hair
  2. Catagen — the transition out of antagen
  3. Telogen — hair follicle resting phase
  4. Exogen — shedding hair

In order to provide you with great, hair-free results, we want to ensure that we can tackle all of the follicles in your treatment area. While it’s easy enough for us to identify active hair follicles, we also want to address hair that’s transitioning into the growth phase, which is why you benefit from several treatments that are spaced apart.

Your laser hair-removal results

You will likely see results after your first treatment as hair begins to fall out — about 10-25% of the hair — but your optimal results will be gradual as we progress through your treatments.

Once the laser hair-removal treatments are finished, most of our patients experience months and years of hair-free results. When and if the hair does regrow, it’s usually finer and lighter and we can easily address this new growth with a maintenance laser hair-removal treatment.

To get back to the question we pose in the title of this blog, laser hair removal can free you from shaving forever if you maintain your great initial results with follow-up treatments. These treatments will be fewer and farther between as the regrowth of your hair follicles diminishes over time.

If you’d like to ditch the razor once and for all and go with laser hair removal, contact one of our offices in Humble or Houston, Texas, to schedule your laser hair-removal treatment.

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