When Should I See a Doctor About Leg Swelling?

There are a wide range of conditions that can lead to swelling in your legs, ankles, and feet, some more serious than others. The problem is figuring out when you should have us take a look.

At Humble Cardiology Associates, under the expert direction of interventional cardiologist Dr. Madaiah Revana, we routinely help our patients find answers to abnormal swelling in their legs. While there are many temporary conditions that can lead to the problem, the swelling may also be a symptom of something much larger at play.

Here’s a look at when, and why, we should take a closer look at the swelling in your legs.

The many roads to lower-extremity swelling

As we mentioned above, there are many issues that can lead to swelling in your lower extremities. In the best-case scenario, your swelling may be a temporary problem that’s brought on by heat, injury, or pregnancy. As well, certain medications can cause the problem, such as:

On the other end of the spectrum are some of the more serious conditions that can lead to swelling, such as:

This list isn’t meant to scare you unnecessarily, but we do want to underscore why we take leg swelling very seriously.

Getting help for swollen legs

When it comes to deciding whether you should seek help for your leg swelling, we urge you to err on the side of caution. If the problem is only intermittent or there’s a direct cause, such as an injury, you may take a wait-and-see approach.

If, however, the swelling is unexplained and persistent, we recommend that you come see us. As well, if your swelling meets any of the following criteria, it’s important that you have our experts check you out:

If you’re pregnant, some swelling is normal, but if it appears suddenly, you should check in with your obstetrician right away.

Finding answers

When you come see us, please be prepared to share with us all that you can about the swelling — when it developed, if it gets worse at certain times, and any other details. We use this information to guide us as we perform a thorough assessment of your problem.

Once we identify the cause, we discuss your treatment options in order to get your legs back to their normal size again.

To schedule an evaluation of your swollen lower extremities, please contact one of our two offices in Humble or Houston, Texas.

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